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 No Respect (Season 4)

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No Respect (Season 4) Empty
PostSubject: No Respect (Season 4)   No Respect (Season 4) EmptyMon Sep 17, 2012 6:43 am

"Chop Suey" begins to play, the crowd responds with a mixture of boo's and cheers.

Iron Maiden: Not a very warm welcome for the GM, not what he usually gets.

D-Maniac comes out and walks to the ring trying not to let the crowd get to him, he enters the ring and takes a mic.

D-Maniac: You know I've gotten a lot of [censored] thrown in my face the past few days. I've been hearing a lot of talk lately, a lot of talk about me. I hear people are saying that I dont deserve this and that I shouldn't have done that and that I'm out of place for this or that. Well you know what I have to say to them? [censored] you! You have no right to tell me about me and what should happen to me! People have been saying that what I did was wrong, yeah I left my fed, so what? Do you not remember that a season prior to this on that very stage and sat there I bled my heart out? I told you everything about my career from the very start to where it is now, and do you remember how I ended that story?

the crowd doesn't respond

D-Maniac: No you wouldn't, would you? I ended it by saying that I was considering retiring from all this. Then a little while later at Block Party I was beaten down and shoved in the back of a [censored] car and driven off while my Main Event was being ruined! You all saw the clip at the start of last season, Deathstar shoved me in a damn box and shipped me off to middle of nowhere! When I became conscious again I founf myself laying in a puddle of piss in an alleyway somewhere. I picked myself up and walked around trying to find where I was, then there it was. On a gaint TV screen I saw it, I saw the WWF being ran by Deathstar.

the crowd boos

D-Maniac: So what did I do then? I thought to myself, maybe I'm better off this way...

the crowd goes silent

D-Maniac: Maybe it was best for me to be away from all this [censored] all the fighting and the politics. In that moment I realized I needed to find myself again because I was not just lost in a strange place, I was lost as a person, as a human being. To tell you the truth I hd felt like a shadow just walking the earth, I felt nothing! Thats why I beat the hell out of AJ Wacko and I did it without a second thought. So there I was, I knew my fed was in trouble and it needed me, but I wasn't ready to come back.

D-Maniac: I Know Deathstar isn't the nicest guy, but he does know business and thats why I was okay with having him be in charge for a while until I was ready and at Slaughterhouse, I was. I fought back from being in a puddle of piss, to being a man again to being a GM! I fought from rock [censored] bottom all the way to where I am now. And do you know what I get for all my hard work? I knife in my back! People turning away from me, brushing me off like old news. It was then I realized that this was not the same place, no. All the people who I thought were my friends, my allies were nothing but leeches sucking the life out of me and when I tried to call them on it, what did they do? They came right back at me screaming and hollering that "I made you what you are, dont forget where you come from". [censored] you! Yes you gave me the tools to thrive but I took those tools and I made myself something while you did nothing with them, and if you were a real mentor you should be proud that I am a success! But no, you go on a power trip and disrespect me, and now I'm supposed to pay homage to you? You need to keep me in line? I'll tell you this right now I am nobody's [censored] whipping boy!

the crowd cheers

D-Maniac: Then they come at me by saying I dont deserve to be where I am and that I am nothing but a joke. Whatever they can say whatever they want, but at least say it to my [censored] face! Dont talke bad about me when my backs turned or when I'm not around, you act like you're such a badass, like you're some kind of Phenom or Lord, well you're not! You're nothing but a damn coward!

D-Maniac climbs up one of the turnbuckles.

D-Maniac: I worked hard to get where I am at, I put in the hours of hard work, I studied while others goofed off, I bled and sweat to get where I am, putting in the work every day! I do all this work for what!? To be disrespected! Disrespected by people in my own fed, people I put pen to paper with and shook hands with, people who I thought were my friends, people who helped guide me when I was lost, and to top it all off a blood sucking poser! I've heard all the [censored] and [censored] from all of you, but now it's my turn to talk, and I have a message for each and every one of you. You can all go [censored] yourselfs because I know that you are all saying this stuff because you are jealous of me and what I have! You talk all this crap in hopes to bring me down, make me stop, well I got news for you, I'm not going to. I'm going to stay right here and soak up all that I have earned and if you have a problem with it, tough [censored]!

D-Maniac drops the microphone and flips the camera off. He exits the ring and walks up the ramp mouthing "I dont give a [censored] anymore.

Iron Maiden: Well I think it's safe to say that our GM is not the same man we knew, he definitely has changed.

Paranormal: No doubt he has, I have to admit I agree with him 100% and I love his new attitude.

D-Maniac gets to the stage and turns around, he flips everyone off and then screams "[censored] you all!" he then spits on the stage and walks out of view.
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No Respect (Season 4) Empty
PostSubject: Re: No Respect (Season 4)   No Respect (Season 4) EmptyWed Nov 14, 2012 5:30 am

for the most part the RP is inline with the rules although there is alot of (censored ) area's that prob are not needed also sorta taking a personal shot at someone that i thought of is prob not the best idea at least in my thought
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No Respect (Season 4)
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