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era dynamics
era dynamics

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PostSubject: Reply on rp : Time for changes   Reply on rp : Time for changes EmptySat Jan 05, 2013 12:11 pm

The scene opens up with Era Dynamics in the locker room with an ice pack over her head He looks at the camera.

Era Dynamics: Well that accomplished nothing... My career didn't end and you are still crying about the sisterhood preacherboy. Why is that? Because people cannot stay out of our business. Your renegades and then DJ Wacko and the "mystery men" Jr Bonecrusher. Like no one knows he would come up. Oh and to Violet Cross, you moron. If I was in cahoots wit them, I wouldn't have been so distracted by them. They cost me the match. So before you call me a hypocrite try being a journalist and uncover facts. I didn't ask for your backstab. I didn't know you will would do that to me. I thought it was a mistake, but I am guessing the sisterhood preachers told there men to stay in the back for this one. I will give him respect for that.

Era Dynamics takes the ice pack from his head where a large welt is on her head.

Era Dynamics: Make no mistake Reverend Chaos, a DQ win is nothing to me. Then the interruption from JR Bonecruher after the match... that's how disgraceful you are? I begin to wonder if the fans chanting for you are hypocritical morons, or that you are so ego driven you have cheers filtered int the arena. My career almost ended because people want to get involved. The only time JR Bonecrusher and I have had a one on one match it was inside a cage which he whines about to this day about not having people back him up.

Era Dynamics shakes her head.

Era Dynamics: The fans choose to cheer, for a lying, whiny, cowardly, back jumping, self absorbed, ego driven, idiot. Boggles my mind. So i accept your challenge for the next week. You and I, no interference. Let the better man win. No after match assaults. If you beat me I will shake your hand and you will be my manager for the season, if i win you will fight this season in a chicken costume and have to commit that i am better then you. What do you say? Unless you lack the guts i trust on you and will see you next week in the ring .

Camera fades to black.
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Reply on rp : Time for changes
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