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 Secret Finisher

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Platinum Gladiator
Platinum Gladiator

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PostSubject: Secret Finisher   Secret Finisher EmptySun Dec 02, 2012 4:21 pm

Reporters trying to find Platinum Gladiator get near the door of the GYM and when they open it, two praetorian guards close it in their face.
Some screams of pain come from behind the closed door.
Suddenly Platinum Gladiator exhausted comes out of the GYM.

Reporter: Platinum Gladiator are you OK?

Platinum Gladiator: Yeah. I'm fine.

Reporter: You haven't been seen for a long time. Have you been out injured?

Platinum Gladiator: No. I have been working on a top secret finisher. This finisher will bring my enemies to their knees and to the WWF fans a Gladiatorial Spectacle!

Reporter: Can you tell us more about your new move?

Platinum Gladiator: For the moment no. But I can tell you that El Primero will reconsider wrestling after the next match! Now get out, I need to get the move right.

Platinum Gladiator enters the GYM and slams the door.
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Secret Finisher
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