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 The Bleed/Sub Speed

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What Is A Bleed/Sub Speed?

Well , the answer is fairly simple , its a build that is focused on either knocking out your opponant or making them tap/forfeit , but bleed and subs have alot more synergy than just doing those two things , you make your opponant bleed it weakens them up for subs to finish them , you weaken your opponant through subs it makes them easier to bleed .

A bleed/sub speed is a dangerous opponant in that you have two forms of offense , dd moves and subs , someone might have enough block/dodge to block/dodge your dd moves but might not have enough escape subs to avoid your submissions , this gives you a versatile attack that isnt reliant on one form of attack .

Of course , bleed/sub speeds are the proverbial glass cannon , but a glass cannon that can shatter an opponant without them ever having get any offense going , built right against most they wont even touch you .

Also this build is focused on adding stats to gain moves , but the best thing is the stats you have to add for moves are actually the stats that are most helpfull to you unlike some other builds that have you adding stupid things for moves .

Now the biggest trick to this build is one that alot of people may disagree with or call me crazy for , but the biggest trick is having zero bleed bonus , yes thats right , i have zero bleed bonus but i still bust people open and knock them out , how ? , read on and find out .

The Build

(As a side not i will say this build does require alot of XP to make work correctly so it is a build of patience rather than a one night wonder , but more on that later)


I know what your thinking here , BLEED ALL THE WAY ZOLL TROLL I WIN! , you would be wrong and showing you never read my What Is A BLeed/Sub Speed bit , shame on you , anyway , in strength you should focus on maxing rage to 40 to get your adrenline for your end game finisher , descriptions later on said finisher .

After rage you want to be maxing unstoppable blow and throwing points into berserker , unstoppable blow should be capped at 30 and everything else into berserker from that point on , more berserker equals more chance to string those attack chains together to devastating effect .

There is nothing else you need to add in strength except those three things as the rest are not usefull towards the build and can be covered through AT's later .

So lets look at what we are not using , Bleed , well since the nerfs , revamps and all that other jazz with bleed , bleed bonus is not as usefull as it once was , having good ddi and bleed moves the move bleed bonus is enough to get a cut without having to put into this .

Might , ah you read the last post and now your thinking , "she says we need good ddi but isnt adding into might" , this is because you can get more than enough ddi to make people bleed through ats and might unlocks nothing we need .


Ah our main stat , well first things first , we speeds DO NOT NEED 40 in each of our speed stats , we only need 37 in each stat to unlock most of our end games moves , the only moves that we wont unlock by putting 37 in each stat is the powerfull outside of ring moves , but unless your focused on that position build it isnt a loss .

Firstly you want to raise lightness and dodge to 37 first taking head start and elasticity next with frenzied urge and leaving quickness untill last since quickness isnt tied to alot of the things we need its not as usefull , once you hit 37 in each stat , then its lightness all the way and nothing else .

So lets look at why we add this way , Lightness and dodge , your frontline of defence , this will keep you in fights longer and stop those subs from draining your stamina as much as they drain your opponants and keep you on your toes as you zig zag around your opponant .

Head start and Elasticity , alot of people may think eeewww elasticity , i have somethin to say to that jumping twisting ddt , one of our best and most powerfull bleed moves , also jumping half nelson facebuster , these unlock the moves we need and unlocking them early is key .

Frenzied Urge , simple , more attacks allowed with your berserker stat gives you more chance of dodging those annoying atatcks and locking your opponant into hell or a hospital bed .

Quickness , this is last because although it unlocks the powerfull springboard moonsault it adds nothing but an afterthought to the overall build .


Now , people do say speeds dont need tech , in a sense they are right , unless your going to try this build , if that is the case then there is only two things you need from this stat , ruthless grasp and feint .

We add ruthless grasp to help keep our subs locked in and we add feint to add more chance of getting that attack going with our couplng of this stat with pacification from resistance .

Now the things we dont add , Block , were speeds we use dodge nuff said .

Ruthless grasp , we can add sdi later through ats , but we dont need that much of it to begin with so its not usefull enough to add into .

Escape subs , this isnt added yet but it is a possible to be added as an at at a later point but for no it serves no purpose with what we are aiming for so it gets left alone .


Ahh our second most loved stat as a speed , we want to be maxing thick skin and then tireless with all spare points going into pacification , this will give us good enough hp with good stamina gain from tireless which is boosted by lightness and the small stamina gain we get from each speed stat up .

the adding of pacification is to be teamed with feint in tech , giving us a second defence other than our dodge giving us more chance to win .

The things we dont add , willpower , do i really need to say why?

Toughness , were speeds , we shouldnt be getting hit enough to need this .

The Move Set

This is a general outline of what moves you should be aiming for , for end game , and all of these moves will be unlocked simple by following the advice above .


European Upper Cut , 0 bleed bonus .

Knee On Head , 2 Bleed Bonus .

Punch , 1 Bleed Bonus .


Axe Kick , 3 Bleed Bonus .

Elbow Smash , 3 Bleed Bonus .

Knees Lift , 3 Bleed Bonus .

Bent Down

Half Nelson Facebuster , 15 bleed bonus .

Jumping Half Nelson Facebuster , 20 Bleed Bonus .

Side Headlock , Submission .


Twisting DDT , 15 Bleed Bonus .

Jumping Twisting DDT , 20 Bleed Bonus .

Torture Rack , Submission .


Springboard Moonsault , 0 Bleed Bonus .

Rocket Launcher , 10 Bleed Bonus .

Fujiawara Armbar , Submission .

You Are Running

Flapjack , 0 Bleed Bonus .

Flying Forearm Smash , 3 Bleed Bonus .

Jumping Front Bulldog , 10 Bleed Bonus .

Running Opponant

Polish Hammer , 25 Bleed Bonus .

Running Knee Smash , 10 Bleed Bonus .

Tilt A Whirl Piledriver , 10 Bleed Bonus .

One Wrestler Is Running

Back Elbow Smash , 3 Bleed Bonus .

Running Dropkick , 5 Bleed bonus .

Spinning Wheel Kick , 3 Bleed Bonus .


Diamond Dust , 15 Bleed Bonus .

Diving Knee Drop , 20 Bleed Bonus .

Diving Bulldog , 15 Bleed Bonus .

(The other positions were omitted because they will be your personal choice since they add nothing much in terms of usefullness)


Now everyone says one TM only , because a TM can only fire off three times a match same as finishers no matter how many you have , so with this in mind , we will use two TM , one in groggy and one in grounded , this will give us a chain were we can hit our groggy tm which could lead straight onto our grounded tm giving us a powerfull combo .

Our groggy TM should be jumping twisting DDT it has excellant damage good bleed bonus and leads us to grounded , and in grounded we will have fujiwara armbar as our TM , the second most devastating sub move there is in my opinion .

A legendary/ultimate JTDDT leading into a ripping/destructive Fujiwara means game over .


Now you may have noticed we dont have that many sub moves in this sub build , its because we dont need that many , but to bolster our sub offence we want a sub fin , now calm down and dont spit your cheerios everywhere , wait till i tell you where we are going to put this sub fin , thats right , in stunned-stunned .

As speeds we get to stunned alot more than a few other classes regardless of the fact all attack chains end in stunned so we will get to fire off that finisher quite a bit , dont beleive me? well try it for yourself .

As for the finisher stats , you want a decent base damage with min/max damage being kept the same so damage levels dont go more wobbly than mr blobby after a few pints , with that in mind i recommend 25-25 base damage , back that up with 10 attack bonus and 10 submission damage and your good to go .

Advanced Techniques

Most core builds will focus on the main four ats , Stamina , Dodge/Block , Attack Bonus and Direct Damage Increaser , well we also use this core four with two additions , Submission Damage increaser and Submission Bonus .

What we want to do is work them all upto level five one by one then to level 10 , after they all hit level 10 , take Dodge , Stamina , DDI and Attack Bonus to 15-20 before touching the other two again , more ATs can be added later once you have decent enough levels in our new core six .
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The Bleed/Sub Speed
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