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 Luke Angel Gimmick

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Luke Angel

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Luke Angel Gimmick 1belt

Luke Angel Gimmick Luke-angel-profile-2

Devils Cross T-shirt $15

Luke Angel Gimmick Luke-angel-t-shirt

Limited Edition DVD $20

Luke Angel Gimmick La-wwf-dvd

Name: Luke Angel

Age: 26

Height: 6'5

Weight: 275 lbs

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Nickname: The Fallen Angel

Finisher: Heavenly Combination

Entrance Video


Luke Angel was born in Washington D.C. To the infamous Angel family known world wide as a massive crime family that had been in operation since the 1600's when the patriarch of the family Lucias Angelino killed a local lord and took over his estate after the Lord had demanded more money from Lucias who had been renting his land as a tenant.

This first act of criminal started the Angelino Family on a course set for death and crime most of which will never be known in 1850 the Angelino Family decided to expand their empire to America and the head of the family up rooted his family and set sail for America upon his arrival he quickly dropped the INO at the end of his name and became known as The Angel to his associates and set up a family compound in Washington D.C.

In 1930 the head of the Angel family abruptly ended his criminal empire and withdrew himself and his family into the compound no one knew why though some guess it was because he saw the future of crime and money would be in the drug trade he being a man of honour could not permit himself to be involved in such a base premise instead he had his entire family train relentlessly for 10 years to become assassins a more noble tradition in his eyes. No one dared point out he fallacy in his logic that murder was as dishonourable as drugs.

Regardless of his motivations Brock Angel did indeed remove his family from public speculation for 10 years and the only indication of what the future of the angel empire would be was a string of high profile murders in Washington in the early 1940s where the only clue was a huge white feather at each crime scene many have called this the beginning of The Angel families assassin career.

57 years later in June of 1987 Luke Angel was born as the first son of then Family head Stephan Angel and from the age of 5 Luke was trained and mastered 10 different styles of martial arts proving to be particularly apt at incapacitating opponents with holds and chokes he was destined to take over as the new family head when his father stepped down.

However when Luke was contracted to do his first real Kill at the tender age of 21 his target was a woman named Sarah 18 years of age who had witnessed a high ranking politician meeting with a renowned drug lord and was going to testify against then both. He arrived at the FBI safe house and infiltrated Sarah's room without alerting the six FBI agents on guard but as he was about to strike she opened her eyes and Luke knew then he couldn’t kill her or anyone for that matter.

Luke without saying a word to Sarah walked from her room into the Living room and handed himself over to the FBI giving them intimate details on the Angel Family and its operations the following morning the FBI raided the compound with only 1 person managing to escape the net Stephan Angel, Luke’s father with the testimony from Luke the entire angel family except for the children where arrested and sentenced to jail for their crimes.

Luke with no family and no direction tried to live normal life but found he couldn’t with little to no skills outside of fighting Luke was at a loss for what to do that’s when he heard about professional wrestling realizing that he had all the physical skills to become a wrestler Luke tried out and soon wowed the Indy circuits with his precision moves and amazing submission style after 5 years of hard graft the fans started to pay attention and while Luke is still just a rookie his technique couldn’t be better he just has to learn how to be human again and build some charisma in and out of the ring.

Out Of Character.

Hi my name is Philip I am 23 and I live in Northern Ireland I did all the graphics work you see on my profile pics and Bio as well as designing the entrance video. I have been playing TWG since September of 2008. If you have any questions or just want to chat please PM me anytime and I will reply A.S.A.P

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era dynamics
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lol your video is blocked for my country because of eligible video material from sony music entertainment
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Luke Angel Gimmick
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